Utah / California 2008

Posted December 29, 2008

Here are some of the pictures I promised.

We went to California to visit my eldest brother while my Dad was working on a project there.

One of our favorite parks in Lancaster.

Playing Settlers of Cataan while I was working on a project for Dad.

Our dear friends the Macys.

After Dad's work was finished, we headed up to Park City Utah for our ski trip.

My eldest brother's new minivan (in the mirror).

My next-eldest brother flew out to Salt Lake City with his family to meet us. We then did one of our favorite things to do as a family: We went to Cracker Barrel!

While we were in California my younger brothers purchased a football. Inspired by Alabama's up-to-then undefeated record this season I'm sure.

Finally we got to Utah and hit the slopes.

The resort we stayed at.

Left to right: Joel, Samuel, Daniel.

Left to right: Dad, Lydia, Hannah (background), Sarah (foreground), Rebekah.

My eldest brother Timothy.

Yours truly braking hard at the bottom of the lift. (resort in the background)

My youngest sister Sarah really improved her skills this trip.

The grandkids watching out the window.

My two older brothers and their families.

We introduced both of my older brothers to Mario Kart while we were there.

They also had an epic battle of wii tennis.

We also went sledding while we were there (another tradition).

Even my sister in law Jodi got in on the action.

This looks dangerous.

Wanna race?

Obviously we took lots of group photos.

Roll Tide!

Obviously these are just the highlights. You can see more at: