Another Long Week

Posted August 20, 2008

As the title implies, this past week has been very busy. Among other things I played in two indoor soccer games that week as opposed to one (we lost one and won one). Then we had a ball I was supposed to help direct on Friday over an hour away from our house.

The ball was themed from the time of the second war for independence (the - dare I say it - "Civil" War) so of course our entire family was in period costume (complete with sabres). The dancing went well, though I had to dispense with some of the dances I had planned since the vast majority of those present hadn't danced Scottish Country before. We did teach one or two new ones however and demonstrated an old favorite. I hope to start teaching Scottish Country on a regular basis again soon, but then I've said that before.

Practicing ahead with some friends

Dancing the Gay Gordons

My lovely sister and my not-so-lovely self. We never could have done the ball without her. She made a large share of our costumes by herself.

Dancing as a family


Posted by stephen boyd at 02:01 on August 22, 2008

Aye, fast paced it was....but what fun! Thanks again for a wonderful dance. I learned a lot.