Bullets That Don't Shoot

Posted July 08, 2008

Airsoft is seen by some as merely entertainment, something to be done in pursuit of fun. Some would even criticize it as promoting a dangerously aggressive attitude and violence. Others view it as a tool to be used for introduction into the real and often needed world of firearms. Airsoft in short is often misunderstood as merely a game.

But first some history. Airsoft was invented by Japanese gun enthusiasts who were prohibited from using firearms due to gun control laws. Instead of giving up their manly exercises they invented a harmless weapon that simulated the action of its real counterpart. This is why most airsoft guns are modeled directly after real-world firearms. This has caused some concern that these 'toys' might lead to dangerous consequences with law enforcement. Airsoft eventually was adopted by other countries but Japan is still known as having the highest quality weapons (and possibly the most expensive).

One popular way to do airsoft is "mil-sim" which is where they simulate real military action, sometimes from historical conflicts such as WWII.

Although I see airsoft as an enjoyable pastime, I don't see it as an alternative to real firearms, nor merely a pleasure pursuit. Airsoft in my opinion should be used as a training tool for potential armed conflict. Historically, those who possess the ability to defend themselves come out victorious while those who allow this freedom to be restricted are eventually subjected to the worst tyrannies. Therefore I believe that all people, men, women, young, and old should train themselves (as age-appropriate) to defend themselves both in armed combat with firearms, blades, etc, and unarmed using martial arts such as krav maga, jujitsu, and muay tai.

One application for airsoft is in studying tactics. I made the point to one skeptical friend that you can't shoot a real gun at people (referring to training partners, not attackers). By having such weapons one can simulate firefights and train in scenarios using squad tactics and communication. All for a lower price than buying the real thing. Some might point to "simunition" as an answer to both problems but again, simunition and real firearms are more expensive than airsoft guns and 6mm plastic BBs. Also, you can't give a 6 year old boy an AR-15 to teach him about firearms since it's not an age-appropriate tool. A better choice would be to buy a low-power airsoft gun and let him practice tactics, safety, and handling techniques. Then once he has mastered these he can graduate to learning how to handle a real firearm. This is where I think airsoft would be most useful.

Young people can gather locally to "play" airsoft and learn squad tactics and safety together. Then should a real conflict come they would not only know the tactics and communication routines, they would already be prepared to operate side by side.

Governments naturally fear an armed populace. It endangers their dreams of absolute control. Our founding fathers dreamed of a strongly decentralized country where each man would defend himself and when needed band together with his neighbors for a common purpose. Modern philosophies have striven for decades to replace this concept with a strong centralized, all-knowing, all-seeing, benevolent state. Christians especially should recognize that man in his fallen state can not be trusted. He must be held accountable whatever his status, be it peddler or president or supreme court justice. All have fallen short. We must not put our trust or fear in what man can do.


Posted by stephen boyd at 10:37 on July 09, 2008

Great article! You did a waaaay better job of explaining it than I did. Do I have your permission to crosspost?

Posted by Micah Ferrill at 11:02 on July 09, 2008