Personal Infrastructure

Posted February 22, 2008

So... I've been doing some revamping of family / personal technology infrastructure and I ran across some cool technologies I thought I'd share.


Something important to developers is something known as version control. Up until just recently I was using CVS for my needs. I'd heard about subversion before, but I'd never seriously used it. It turns out that it's almost the same as far as using it goes, but it has a ton of more useful features. I've now switched all of my personal projects over to it and I'm thinking about connecting my personal repository to this website.

VMware Server Windows Home Server

Not being a particularly wealthy geek I don't own a personal datacenter and therefore have had to run any server software off of my desktop alongside my desktop applications. A while ago I downloaded VMware server. This allowed me to create a virtual machine and set it up with windows server 2003, apache, a CVS (see above) server, and other useful applications. However the performance impact on my desktop was pretty bad and required me to start, stop, and restart the virtual server multiple times. The other day however, I got permission from my Dad to install VMware server on his windows home server. I am now running at 100% with my desktop as my virtual server is now totally independent and free to run 24/7.

Windows XP
Media Center Edition

We've been trying to get a windows media center running for a while now and though we have a machine dedicated for it, we've been having multiple problems with it. It plays audio and prerecorded videos beautifully, we're setting up a network link for media (especially our thousands of digital pictures), but our biggest problem is that though it's admittedly not our slowest computer, it certainly isn't our fastest either. I'm currently working on reinstalling the operating system to clean up some corrupted files.