Ascent of Justice

Posted April 10, 2007

The 4th PyWeek competition, of which I was a participant in ended this past Saturday. My entry, "Ascent of Justice" was a 2d adventure game involving climbing a tall building across levels spanning different floors with a boss fight at the end. I wont spoil the ending for you so youll have to play it yourself. Download it from the link above using whichever distribution fits your platform best.

Main Menu Early test screenshot

Mine was one out of 54 completed entries taken out of 102 original entrants. Judging will continue through the 21st of April when the winner will be announced. Judging is done by peers as there really arent any prizes besides recognition. Entries are judged on Fun, Innovation (how well the theme was implemented), and Production (sound effects, graphics, etc). The three are combined into an overall score that goes into the team or individual depending on the entry.