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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Posted January 22, 2007

This week has been an extremely busy one! Were hosting our church all of this month and we also started school up again (I hate physics btw).

Ive been working on several websites and unfortunately two of them went down sometime yesterday for unknown reasons. I also did a redo on one of my other websites ( But Ill explain that later.

Pyweek 4 has been announced for the first week in April! We (Michal and I) are currently planning on extracting our generic code from our first two games and making it an open source library so that itll be eligible for this competition. I redid the website (link above) and put in links to the CVS repository, screenshots, and download links (for Clad in Iron anyway).


Posted January 03, 2007

AinuMaia now has interchangeable styles (default and black) as well as an RSS 2.0 feed. Enjoy!