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Posted April 22, 2009

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Logician Yet Lives

Posted February 10, 2009

Some time ago I built a simple web-based brainstorming tool dubbed "Logician". I hadn't worked on it for about a year when I found a use for it in Indiana. Last night I had a few minutes to spare so I dug up the code on my laptop and worked out a few kinks. It now works pretty well. The only thing I still want is drag and drop of nodes.

Logician is a single web page that you can save to your computer (or anywhere else for that matter) and it will still have your work on it. It branches things out in a tree similar to a directory structure. You can save the entire page to disk and it won't erase any changes. Enjoy!

Pictures from NC

Posted February 03, 2009

Here are some of the pictures I promised.

The stairs from the street:

The main hallway:

The sitting / dining room:

The Kitchenette:

Proof that we shan't go hungry:

The Adventures Begin

Posted February 02, 2009

Today was the first official day of my internship with the NCFIC. I've now been in Wake Forest for about four and a half days and am loving it already. I'd love to wax eloquent about what's been going on but I'll get locked in if I'm not outta here in about five minutes.

The title came from an event that occurred the other night (Saturday?) when the interns in the other room locked both of their sets of keys in their room. I climbed out a window and got around to theirs and broke in to let them in. More info and pictures to come... hopefully.

Uncle, Uncle, Uncle!

Posted January 23, 2009

Seth Andrew Ferrill entered this world at 12:25 on Jan. 23rd (01-23 of '09 my Mom pointed out). He was 7lbs 1.5oz and 20.5 inches long.

The proud father:

Mom (who is doing fine btw):

A happy Grandma:

And a very thoughtful looking seth:

Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes, and Eggs

Posted January 23, 2009

Some years ago my next-eldest brother taught me how to make fried potatoes, and ever since it's been one of my favorite things to serve for breakfast. Today I taught my youngest brother how to make them and also did my own variation of "Potatoes O'Brien". Here's what resulted:

Our usual fried potatoes:

The same thing done with sweet potatoes (for those of us on diets):

And the "Potatoes O'Ferrill":

Potatoes, anyone?

Somewhat Dearly Departed

Posted January 16, 2009

While we were in California, I not only got invited to run a dance immediately after we returned, but I also heard about an internship opportunity with the National Center for Family Integrated Churches. I've considered interning at Vision Forum for some time now, having had an older brother go through that experience. If you read the information on the internship page of the NCFIC website, you'll see that one of the main things the interns will be doing during our five month stay is building out the organization's website.

If you know me very well, you can already tell that this would be a perfect fit for my skillset and interests. Thanks to I'm sure over generous recommendations from some good friends I'm starting on the 29th of January and as I mentioned won't be back probably for five months. I would appreciate your prayers as I prepare for this exciting development God has placed in my path. My personal prayer is that God would use this to teach me new things both technically and theologically, and that I would be a credit to my family and my church as I serve there.

Christ Church Tween's Christmas Ball

Posted December 29, 2008

While we were in Utah Hannah and I were invited to help run dances at my brother Daniel's church. Here are some pictures and video.

Yours truly getting ready.

The Ferrill delegation.

Swing dancing!

The whole group.

I'll post videos to my my vimeo page.

Utah / California 2008

Posted December 29, 2008

Here are some of the pictures I promised.

We went to California to visit my eldest brother while my Dad was working on a project there.

One of our favorite parks in Lancaster.

Playing Settlers of Cataan while I was working on a project for Dad.

Our dear friends the Macys.

After Dad's work was finished, we headed up to Park City Utah for our ski trip.

My eldest brother's new minivan (in the mirror).

My next-eldest brother flew out to Salt Lake City with his family to meet us. We then did one of our favorite things to do as a family: We went to Cracker Barrel!

While we were in California my younger brothers purchased a football. Inspired by Alabama's up-to-then undefeated record this season I'm sure.

Finally we got to Utah and hit the slopes.

The resort we stayed at.

Left to right: Joel, Samuel, Daniel.

Left to right: Dad, Lydia, Hannah (background), Sarah (foreground), Rebekah.

My eldest brother Timothy.

Yours truly braking hard at the bottom of the lift. (resort in the background)

My youngest sister Sarah really improved her skills this trip.

The grandkids watching out the window.

My two older brothers and their families.

We introduced both of my older brothers to Mario Kart while we were there.

They also had an epic battle of wii tennis.

We also went sledding while we were there (another tradition).

Even my sister in law Jodi got in on the action.

This looks dangerous.

Wanna race?

Obviously we took lots of group photos.

Roll Tide!

Obviously these are just the highlights. You can see more at:

Return from Afar

Posted December 21, 2008

One reason I haven't been posting recently is that I've been on a six week vacation with my family to the west coast and only got back this past Wednesday morning around 12:00 AM. We spent most of that time in California visiting my eldest brother and his family. We went to the park, played ultimate frisbee, visited with old acquaintances, and in general just caught up with everything we left behind. We also went to Utah for our annual ski trip where my next-eldest brother met us with his family. I'll post pictures and perhaps video later on.